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Astrology is a phenomenal tool to help you understand yourself and others better and to provide guidance in navigating your life.

As a get acquainted gift to you, here is a free download of a lecture given on December 5th, 2010 to the Annapolis MD chapter of the NCGR.

2011: A Transitional Year
Download the free lecture in 4 parts below.

Lecture Part 1
Lecture Part 2
Lecture Part 3
Lecture Part 4
Associated Charts
Vernal Equinox astro-map

The Exploring Astrology Correspondence Course is thorough and comprehensive, and is turning out graduates who go on to make excellent grades on national certification tests. The 80 minute demo recording of excerpts from the course is free and gives you a good idea of the energy of the course. If you live in an area where downloading this is impossible, you can have a CD sent in the mail. An excellent astrological education starts here!

If you want to find insight into your personal world and keep up to date with a caring and skilled Astrologer, Carole offers many services that can help you through tough times, learn more about a child, a move, and so much more.