Exploring Astrology
Correspondence Course

About the Course

Attend a "live" Astrology class in your own home. Exploring Astrology was originally recorded as a hands-on, interactive course, but is now being offered as a NON interactive course at a much lower price. It includes the equivalent of 112 edited CDs on a thumb drive recorded with a live class and includes a digital workbook. Veteran professional astrologer, Carole Devine, takes you from the basics through chart interpretation and advanced techniques. She presents the material in a clear, entertaining way.

Course Objective

In the not too distant future it is inevitable that the art/science of Astrology will become an extremely respected tool of psychologists and other personal development professionals. There is, therefore, a great need to formulate an educational system for these future professional astrologers. This will go far to dispel myths that are still rampant and to raise the level of practitioners' skills so that we will be ready for the popular demand that is sure to follow.

Carole has formulated an Astrology course which will effectively prepare future professional astrologers in the basic skills necessary to be able to pass certification exams and competently handle a clientele.

Complete the application for Admission form below, which you can print from this website and send in with tuition, or if using PayPal, it can be sent as an attachment in an email.

Exploring Astrology Correspondence Course
(Copyright Carole Devine)

First Semester

Evolution through the zodiac, Overview of houses and planets, Egyptian origins, Signs in Polarity, Rulerships, Basic chart construction, Elements and modalities, Lunation cycle, Capsule of History of Astrology, Elementary Astronomy, Analysis of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Continuing Mathematics of chart construction, Part of fortune, Categorization of chart components, Analysis of Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius, Aspect theory and interpretation. Analysis of Pisces, Aspect interpretation continued, Sun, Moon and planets in signs and houses.

Basic understanding of terms is necessary before interpretation can begin. During this semester you will learn: a vocabulary of terms; the signs—their origin and meaning, both on a symbolic and practical level; the planets—their functions and modes of expression; the houses—what they are and how they fit into interpretation. Then follows the mathematics of chart construction—how to calculate aspects and aspect patterns; elementary deductions which can be determined from patterns, categories and elements; and determining basic temperament and character analysis.

Second Semester

Integrated interpretation, Preliminary evaluation, Determining psychological complexes, Planetary phase analysis. Examples of Michael Jackson and three class members. Interpretation continued with four other class members, Lunar Nodes and Karma, Prenatal eclipses, Aspects to MC and Ascendant, Sidereal/tropical systems, Arabian parts, Chiron, Asteroids, Fixed stars, Decanates, Mansions, Mutual reception, Derivative houses, Mercury cycle, Lack of elements, Midpoints, Cusp interpolation.

In-depth character analysis: determining present life conditions manifesting from past life influences; early childhood, parental influences, self-image, innate talents, and challenges to growth. You will study psychological complexes—parental, sexual, societal, and complexes related to ability to change. Use of planetary pairs to show methods of coping with conditions of early childhood, relationships, peer groups, education, materiality and career, methods and degree of ability to change.

Third Semester

Forecasting with Transits, Secondary progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Arc conversion table, Examples using six class members, Mohandas Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln, Basic Cosmobiology. Harmonics, Midpoints, 45-degree ephemeris, Midpoint structures and trees, Examples of Tonya Harding, David Koresh and Richard Nixon, Return charts, Solstice points, Counseling.

Forecasting techniques using transits of the inner and outer planets, their phase relationship with pairs highlighted, lunations and eclipses.

Secondary progressions as inner development signals; solar arc directions as event-oriented signals of need to make choices; solar, lunar and solunar return charts; cosmobiology techniques, including midpoint structures and pictures, 90 degree dial, and transit graphing.

Counseling techniques: Orienting to personality types, aligning with client viewpoint, processes to effect change, and forecasting away from fate, and toward taking charge of one's life. Tertiary progressions.

Fourth Semester

Synastry and composite charts using class examples, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown, City and country charts, Relocation charts, Astro*Carto*Graphy, Child's chart and first 20 years of child's life as overview using 90 degree dial and long range 45 degree ephemeris graphs. Event charts, (Examples: beginning of relationship, wedding, business chart, Simpson trial) Date selection, Astrological birth control, Gambling, Rectification, Horary (basics), Ingress charts, Astro*Carto*Graphy (more), Analyses of Christopher Reeve and Ross Perot as review, Conclusion.

Synastry & Composite Charts: Comparison of two entities to determine areas of harmony and conflict. Calculating and using the composite chart as a compatibility analysis and forecasting tool.

Mundane Analysis: Charts of cities, events, organizations, political concerns, businesses, etc. to determine their energies and potentials.

Date Selection: Choosing a time to begin any event to maximize the potential of that event. Rectification: Determining the most likely time of birth when it is not known.

Relocation Analysis: How one's chart changes in relationship to place. Introduction to Horary Astrology: How to find the answer to a specific question. This is a major field in itself, so only the basic fundamentals will be taught.

You will have to purchase three other books yourself: Koch Tables of Houses, Midnight American Ephemeris for the 20th Century and The American Atlas.


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Enthusiastic students say:

"In your work, you probably never quite know where the impact is. In my case, it was roughly a decade after the reading. But the impact was full of meaning and love and opportunity for positive transformation. I wanted you to know this and to thank you. Like I said, these words cannot reflect the deep impact this reading recently had on my spirit and soul and heart. But I hope this simple thank you will inspire you in your work with others. You make a difference, your work matters."
Warmly, Ellen Matheny, Forks, Washington

"Just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your tapes! Your insights, predictions, and character analyses are perceptive and right on. They are valuable tools which help me to understand my partner and myself. I greatly respect and admire your skill as an Astrologer. Thank you so much. I'm grateful that you are in my life."
Carol Kadwell, Ft. Myers, FL

“I have been a student at Kepler College for the last 2 1/2 years. Because of your course, I have fallen in love with astrology and can't get enough of it! I have done a few other correspondence courses also, but yours has been the very best. No other course covers such a wide range of information, and in such a practical way. You really prepare students for real counseling situations, and I appreciate all of the techniques and counseling suggestions you have shared with us over the course of the four semesters.” L.F., New York

"This class is filling in lots of holes for me and clarifying much of what was presented in the basic AFA course I took........I really like the way you try to cement concepts solidly before proceeding."
K.B., CA

"I can't tell you enough how much I continue to enjoy your tapes. As many years as I've been studying and as many books as I have read, you have such a way of really bringing it all to life and providing so many fresh perspectives on looking into a chart. I especially like your way of breaking it into categories as you do rather than going around the chart through the houses which never quite suited me. Your system just seems to put the information together in a much more meaningful way rather than just providing a hodge-podge of character or personality traits."
A.H., PA

"I've learned so much more than I anticipated when I began. It was truly a rewarding experience, and I'm sorry that it's at an end. Thank you for all the time and effort on your part.
It was great fun."
P.A., Wyoming

"You have cleared up a lot of confusion for me, caused by attempting to learn Astrology from books alone. I found Semester One fascinating, and I'm really looking forward to starting Semester Two."
L.F., New York

"This is the most comprehensive Astrology course I've ever taken. The tapes make it easy to review so nothing is lost or forgotten. I particularly like your method of synthesizing the chart."
F.G., West Virginia

"Your point of view and method of teaching are so refreshing and easy to follow and understand. I am learning so much. I feel like a real and welcome part of the class even though I am many miles away."
P.P., Illinois

"I am enjoying your course tremendously. Thank you for putting together a course that helps pull the various pieces of information available in books and individual classes together. It's exactly what I needed."
A.T., Seattle, WA

“Although it's kind of painstaking and slow to work through in places, it's good stuff. You give a lot of good advice and philosophy about doing actual forecasts for people as well as showing the actual mechanics of how to get through it with an economy of time. This is stuff I need to hear to make the transition from student to professional. I just finished listening to the lecture on ingress charts including the analysis of the NYSE crash. Fascinating. That's a terrific lecture. This semester is a real pleasure to listen to and work on.” D.G., Sycamore, IL