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Before ordering your consultation, please read this: About Your Chart

At a time when it seems everything is getting more and more complicated, it is a blessing to know that there is order in the universe and that there is a way to find out if we are on the right path. The predictable cycles of our planetary system continue keeping accurate time of your life no matter how hectic and frenzied the drama becomes.

There is a wealth of information available, but it is hard to tell what one needs from an Astrologer if one does not know the various services that are possible. I’ve tried to make my descriptions of Personal Services as informative as possible so that you may more wisely make the choices that are appropriate for you. Please peruse the various descriptions of services available. You’ll find there is something for every need you may have.

The Natal Chart

You and your natal chart are one. Knowing what you are here for and who you really are is one of the most valuable tools for living your life to its highest potential you can have. The basic character analysis is definitely much more valuable than a forecast. Upon that analysis rests all of the reasons for the events of your life. Nothing is by accident, and nothing happens to you that is not needed for the further development of your character. An analysis describes your character as it has developed thus far in your evolution. Most of all it is valuable in telling you what the tasks for this life are. You will find them anyway through trial and error, but how much easier it is with a road map! This service is usually combined with a forecast (below) but is now being offered as a separate item. It makes a marvelous gift. $95

Annual Forecast

The basic techniques I use in all forecasts are transits (where planets are in real time), secondary progressions (a day for a year ratio), solar arcs (everything moved by the progressed Sun’s increment), tertiary progressions (a day for a month ratio) and the current solar return. These are powerful indicators of the main timing of your life.

$125 per year.

Natal chart and forecast ordered together: $185


The Intensive Forecast (Best bargain available here!)

If you are going through a major transition and wish to have detailed information about the months ahead, you can have a combination of forecasting techniques as a package. It combines transits, progressions, solar arcs, tertiaries, solar return and lunar returns covering as many months as you wish. It is much more detailed and integrated, and also saves you money. You can have this service for as few as three months at a time. See “Return Charts” for more explanatory information about return charts in general.
$25 per month [Order Now] Three months minimum



Return Charts: An explanation

Since the solar system is an intricate pattern of cycles, the various bodies traveling around the Sun are bound to return to the same spot in the heavens again and again. The Sun in your chart is placed where it appeared to be from the Earth’s viewpoint at the moment of your birth. Every year within a day of your birthday, the Sun appears to be in that same part of the sky — i.e. it has “returned.” A chart calculated for that moment each year when it is exactly where it was at the moment of your birth, has invaluable information about the year ahead for you. It can give you insight and detail available no where else. This one is called the Solar Return Chart, and it lasts one year from birthday to birthday.
There are possible return charts for every planet, but one of the most valuable is the Lunar Return Chart which is a chart for the time the Moon returns to the exact position it held in your birth chart. It is a monthly phenomenon, but since the lunar cycle is about 28 days, there are 13 of these per year for everyone. These charts do not stand alone, so must be added to a regular forecast.

The solar return is automatically included in all forecasts, but the lunar return is only used in the intensive forecast. Since they cover only 28 days on average, it takes eight of them to cover six months. Therefore, when you order a three month intensive forecast, you get four lunar returns; for six months, eight, etc.

Focused Analysis

If you are going through a time when you only want information about a particular area of your life, but not a forecast for a whole year, then this is for you. In about a half hour we can discuss what the potentials are in a given time frame using transits, progressions and solar arcs. This is valuable if something unforeseen has cropped up between forecasts, or if you just want guidance for one or two problems. After all, other people impact our lives through the exercise of their free will, so we are constantly confronting changes and adjustments. This helps. $75

Compatibility Analysis

How are you going to get along with that new love? Why is your marriage the way it is? What are the dynamics between you and a business partner or boss? A compatibility analysis can give you uncanny insight into any relationship between any two things that have a birth — including a person with a place! Cities and states have birth charts, you know.

This service includes a comparison of the two charts, an analysis of the composite (a chart based on the midpoints between the two) and a forecast of the composite chart for a year. If you are serious about understanding the dynamics of any relationship, this is a must. And definitely a must if you are planning a commitment! $195

For Your Child

Here is a new bundle of life in your care. Who is this person? How does the child perceive each parent, and what does s/he need from them? What character lessons does this child have to learn, and how can you help? An analysis of your child’s chart can tell you all this. Not only does this service do all that, but it also provides a 21 year overview of major turning points in the life using solar arc directions and secondary progressions. This is a bargain at any price. What an advantage you will have! Many clients call me year after year saying it was a lifesaver in raising their children. Also available for 5 and 10-year forecasts or none at all.

Character analysis alone: $95

With five-year forecast: $150

With ten-year forecast $200

With twenty-one-year forecast $250



Taking Care of Business

It is important to know that everything that is begun, be it a business, marriage, party, term of office, trip or lawsuit has a birth chart. That chart will show the potential course of the life of the event in question. When is a business “born”? Generally, it is when it is officially “open for business” such as when a retail store’s doors open for the first time. You can manipulate this by staging a “first sale” thereby determining when your business has started.

Non-retail businesses might start with a first board meeting or the time of incorporation. Mail order can be the moment of the first mailing of a catalog. The key is, a business has started when it is out of your hands and off and running.

This service gives you a forecast and interpretation of your business’ character, offers practical information such as what kind of employees it will attract, what kind of persona it will project, where potential problems may lie, potential profits, etc. No business should be without it! $295


Planning a Move?

Not only does every city, state and country have a chart, but your birth chart changes potential if you move away from where you were born. Jim Lewis developed a technique called Astro*Carto*Graphy which graphs on a map of the world how your chart would change if you moved. That service is available here. $25 for lifetime map

With short analyses of three cities of your choice: $75 total


The Sampler

If this is the first time you have experienced an astrological consultation, you may be a little apprehensive. To assuage that, you can purchase a short reading to give you an idea of what it is like. $30

That $30 can be applied toward one of the services above (except the relocation analysis) that is worth $50 or more.