Endorsements From Clients, Colleagues, and Students

Satisfied Clients Sound Off

“Carole, Wanted to say thank you. I always look forward to your readings. I listen to them every single month to remind me of what's coming up. This past spring saved my life. I had just listened to the disk, and you had said that I would be accident prone, so I was very careful and expectant, and sure enough I almost got hit by a car that went through a stop sign without stopping!! So I listen and prepare. Your readings have prepared me for many things to come, and I was ready, or I took care of the “irritation” ahead of time. You are so good at what you do. Again thank you.”

Lou, Lee Hook, NH


“In your work, you probably never quite know where the impact is. In my case, it was roughly a decade after the reading. But the impact was full of meaning and love and opportunity for positive transformation. I wanted you to know this and to thank you. Like I said, these words cannot reflect the deep impact this reading recently had on my spirit and soul and heart. But I hope this simple thank you will inspire you in your work with others. You make a difference, your work matters.”

Warmly, Ellen Matheny, Forks, Washington


“Just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your tapes! Your insights, predictions, and character analyses are perceptive and right on. They are valuable tools which help me to understand my partner and myself. I greatly respect and admire your skill as an Astrologer. Thank you so much. I'm grateful that you are in my life.”

Carol Kadwell, Ft. Myers, FL


“Carole, OK so you're a genius! I proclaim it! I just reviewed my tape you made for me last year. Almost everything was right on the money…”

Randolph Bruce, Virginia Beach, VA


“I don't know how I can go on without the wonderful guidance of your charts. Can you put me down for a January through December reading every year at this time? Solar Arc, tertiaries, whatever else you feel would be appropriate. Your guidance has saved me from bad situations on several occasions, as well as helping me to take advantage of good opportunities.”

Stuart Dean, Virginia Beach, VA


“…thank you for the great reading you did for me 1 1/2 years ago. Wow! It was like listening to a diary unfold before me. You had so much exactly right. You are just uncanny.”

D.D., Grass Valley, CA


Colleagues Praise ‘Exploring Astrology’

“It takes a wise, patient, and extremely well-informed teacher to work with beginners in astrology: a whole new world presents itself and there are just so many approaches through which to enter it. Carole Devine is that kind of teacher. She does the job superbly with her grand series of tapes for beginners; there is nothing bewildering about her teaching. Carole leads her students with clarity and crowns them with competence. The new world is theirs!”

Noel Tyl, Astrologer, teacher and author


* After Exploring Astrology, the next course to take is The Noel Tyl Master's Degree Certification Course in Astrology—popular and highly respected throughout 16 countries.

Full details from Noel Tyl at (602) 816-0000 http://www.noeltyl.com


“There are people who are good instructors. There are people who are inspiring speakers. There are people who understand human nature and are compassionate with students and coworkers. There are people who come prepared for a class with a lesson plan and handouts. Teachers come and teachers go, but it is rare you find anyone with all of these attributes. Carole Devine is such a person.

“I have owned and operated a new age center and bookstore for over twenty years. I have seen it all, and I have been very fortunate to have had many good teachers over the years. However, I cannot sing Carole’s praises highly enough nor recommend her skills enthusiastically enough to convey her superior abilities. She is a master craftsman in the classroom.”

Mary Alice Warren, Planet Earth Book Center, Ft. Myers, FL


In a recent article on Astrology correspondence courses, The Mountain Astrologer magazine’s reviewer stated, “[Carole’s] classes are lively and informal and reveal her philosophical basis, which has been influenced by her study of A Course in Miracles—she teaches astrology as a ‘positive blueprint for personal growth.’”

—The Mountain Astrologer (Feb./Mar. 1998, page 85)


Students Rave About the Course

“I am SO happy with your correspondence course, I want EVERYBODY to know about it! The examples you give help the astrology information to “stick” in your mind. I can’t wait to get home from work each day to begin my study of astrology.”

R.M., Indianola, MS


“Carole, your course is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I will always treasure you as a teacher, mentor, friend, and astrologer.”

D.G., Sycamore, Illinois


“The course is absolutely phenomenal…! I am having a hard time tearing myself away to do anything else. I am amazed at how clear and easy to follow you’ve made it.”

BP, Florida


“I’ve thrown myself into the course…and I love it to bits! So glad I decided to take your course, you make it all so interesting and fun—even the math!”

AMO, London


“Your teaching capabilities have helped me tremendously to excel and become more proficient in the art of Astrology. Thanks!”

CZ, Florida


“I’m learning a lot and enjoying the process. I really like the “by mail” method since I can go at my own pace.”

CC, Virginia


“Trained as a chemist, and new to Astrology, I find your course clear and detailed.”

JR, Florida


“Your course is a positive inspiration. You’re my new mentor!”

NW, Florida


“I am enjoying your course tremendously. Thank you for putting together a course that helps pull the various pieces of information available in books and individual classes together. It's exactly what I needed…”

AT, Seattle, WA


“I am very impressed with the quality of your tapes for this course. I am so pleased to have found such a wonderful teacher. Thank you, Carole!”

ES, Phoenix, AZ


“Your teachings make it much clearer and integrates the tremendous amount of info well.”

JS, Edmonds, WA


A good job of explaining some of the ‘whys’ that authors tend to gloss over since no one's there to question them.”

LR, New York


“Things actually started to come together. It was/is a nice feeling. Yesterday I did my son’s chart.”

GM, Allentown, PA